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romney a talking point. >> unemployment today is higher than on the day barack obama took office. >> eliot: what he didn't say was that the economy was losing 800,000 jobs a month when obama took office. during his term the economy added millions of jobs. professor at us berkeley goldman school of public policy and author of "beyond outrage: what has gone wrong with our economy and our democracy and how to fix it." hello, mr. secretary. >> hello eliot. >> eliot: there was a massive conspiracy that the economy was picking up steam. do you think the numbers prove there is an accelerating fact that there improvement. >> the reason why unemployment ticked up was because more people are trying to find jobs now, and in that particular survey the bureau of labor statistics only looks at the number of people who are trying to find jobs. when more people are trying to find jobs because they are more optimistic about there being jobs there that means the unemployment rate actually ironically goes up. the real important number is the establishment survey number. that 171,000 new jobs is a m
with hours before the decision of president obama president obama is re-elected or mitt romney comes the president of the united states. >> rome campaigned in florida and ohio and new hampshire and announced plans for ohio tomorrow. presidential candidate rarely campaign on election day. maybe he's feeling a little anxious. nate silver gives obama an 88% chance for re-election leaving a meager 13% for election for mitt romney. 307 electoral college votes for obama leaving 230 for romney. and looking at the national and swing state polls as aggregated for real clear politics if the election were held today president obama would win the popular vote by a mere seven-tenths of an percent. and president obama leads romney by three 3% in ohio. and obama leads rom by 3.4% in iowa and leads romney by 4% in pennsylvania. for more about the presidential race in the final hours they're supposed to get the votes to the poll i'm joining by rolling stone national affairs correspondent tim dickinson and politico investigator reporter ken vogel. let me ask you running around, waving the flag, will a
around the corner and mitt romney must be feeling generous. having lost his race for the presidency romney may be leaving politics but not before leaving behind a present the democrats may enjoy for years to come. in a conversation with donors and fund-raisers wednesday romney blamed his defeat on "gifts" president obama gave to key democratic constituencies including young people, african-americans and hispanics. >> romney: what the president -- the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition. give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government. and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> eliot: romney claimed the president wooed young voters with free contraceptives and forgiveness of college loans. for hispanic voters, something special. >> romney: what the president did is he gave them two things. one, he gave them a big gift on immigration with the dream act amnesty program. number two put in place obamacare which is -- by basically is $10,000 a family. it
rising. on the campaign trail, mitt romney encountered a heckler who voiced a widespread theory of what had made the storm so deadly. >> romney: thank you for the help you provided and for the help you're going to provide. [ applause ] >> what about the climate? that's what caused this monster storm. >> eliot: romney didn't have an answer. his silence on the issue of climate change and casting doubt on the science of climate change cost him dearly today. new york's independent mayor mike bloomberg endorsed president obama referring both to hurricane irene last august and sandy this week. bloomberg wrote and i quote "in just 14 months, two hurricanes have forced us to evacuate nakeds, something our city had -- never done before. i want our president to place scientific evidence and risk management above electoral politics." for more, we have on the phone -- what's going on to get to millions of commuters to work tomorrow, i'm joined by phone by metropolitan transportation spokesman aaron donovan. thanks for joini
of the campaign. increased revenue but no increased marginal rates. that seems to buy into what mitt romney had been trying to persuade us. there is a way you can rejiggle the tax code to give you the revenue but nobody's rates would go up which would be nice but does it make sense to you since they adamantly refuse to close the loopholes that are the only route to doing that? >> no. and even if they were to come up, somewhere down the road with some loophole closers some deduction limits, that is still mathematically not going to do it. there's no way you can actually, again, get the deficit under control when we want to get the deficit under control. there's no way you can do that with limits on deductions and loopholes. there does have to be an increase in the marginal rate on the very rich. that's something republicans don't want to admit. what they are counting on is this whole supply-side mythology that if you simply keep taxes low on the rich, the economy grows faster and that growth almost by magic in fact, it is magic c
. the president was committed elected on the basis that he was not romney, and that romney was a poopy head and you should vote against romney, and he won by two points. but he didn't make the case that we should have higher taxes and higher spending. it sounded like the opposite. >> i'm not sure what grover norquist meant by that, but then again i rarely under him in the first place. joining me now former secretary under president clinton now a professor at uc berkeley robert reich whose best selling e-book "beyond outrage:what has gone wrong with our economy and our democracy and how to fix it" is now available on paper work. good evening. >> good evening. >> eliot: i want to pars where the republicans are. has the republican relationship willing to increase marginal tax rates. >> no, they have not said that they're willing to increase marginal tax rates at all. they said they're willing to increase revenues which is different from increasing rates. you can increase revenues by closing a few loopholes, putting a limit on certain deductions but they have not come around in any way somethin
the middle class than the upper income stratum. >> when mitt romney said, he said pick a number. hell of a way to policy, $25,000. that's the limit on your deduction. if you limit deduction to $25,000, people in new york city and, they're going to lose their home mortgage deduction. that wouldn't cover the first five or six years of a mortgage of a home in large parts of new york and massachusetts. >> eliot: the not for profits will go crazy the deduction for state and local taxes, it seems impossible that you would get the votes to repeal those. >> that's why i'm satisfied that we do the $1.6 trillion and let's try to do it out of the deductions because in the end they're going to see the rates--it's a cleaner way to do it and politically it's less damaging. the other point we keep saying we're talking about what, $40 per thousand. people who are already making $250,000 a year, and apparently the argument is, well, after they make 250 in taxable income and they have another chance to make another 1,000, they won't do it because they'll only profit $960. that's farfetched. >> eliot: e
romney was going to win. >> eliot: if you talk about the conspiracies that justify their alternate universe, you're correct, that is unfortunately true. does this lead to any reassess reassessment of how the fbi fbi-c.i.a. interact and who should be told about things that are not security related? >> it should three to that. we ought to have an investigation of how this got out, how this became public in the first place. as the lieutenant commander said, there were no underlying crimes. as you said, no underlying crimes by either of the parties. very bad judgment but no underlying crimes. and there is no reason why we should know about this in the first place and petraeus shouldn't still be in his position. >> eliot: there is going to be an investigation into the investigation and the investigation of the media that didn't know and why they didn't know. only in washington. can't government do something right. >> we do. you're going to be talking about it with bob reich, and i'm sure he'll set us straight. >> eliot: he will set us street. michael tomasky assails as always, it's grea
would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks or jumping into the market he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense from td ameritrade. >> eliot: it's tough to be a car enthusiast in the era of global warming. that may change with your number of the day. 3.9 seconds is how fast the tesla model s goes from zero to 60 miles per hour. this helps to explain why it just became the first all electric car to win "motor trend" magazine's car of the year. even beating competition such as the porsche 911. "motor trend" isn't just being politically correct. th
. he talked about it again today. you know, during the campaign mitt romney kept refusing to provide the details of their plan. now speaker boehner should come forward. the speaker said we should do this in a transparent way, open this all to the public. mr. speaker, let's see your revenue tax plan, because so far it's not clear to me exactly what he is proposing. i don't know if is simply saying what republicans have said in the past that some how if you reduce rates on high income earners you're going to get this magical growth that pays for itself and doesn't increase the deficit. but we know that's not true. he needs to come forward and be as transparent as he said we all should be. what is his plan? >> eliot: that's the pressure that needs to be brought to bear on john boehner. the president could say okay, mr. speaker, you don't want to raise the marginal rate. here's the five loopholes that we're going to close that will get us the revenue we need, and the first one is the capital gains rate. we'll eliminate the different actual that is one essential piece. is that what you wa
between romney and obama was over this precise issue. should taxes be raised on the wealthy? and the public said yes. >> eliot: in fact the president said that at his press conference. this is what the public thought it was voting on. this is what the public sent me back to do. therefore, there is if not a mandate across a range of other issues, on this. very quickly the issue of whether or not you limit deductions versus increasing the marginal rates is. it mathematically and realistically possible to get the revenue we need by limiting the deductions that are possible to limit? >> as a practical matter, it's not. don't just take my word for it. the independent tax policy center, other independent groups, the congressional policy group, the congressional budget office, everybody looking at this says just by limiting deductions for the wealthy you can't get anywhere near the $1.6 trillion that the president justifiably says does need to be raised in additional revenues. if you made the tax on capital gains equ
clear edge over mitt romney but some polls that seemed to lean republican throughout the race favored the g.o.p. candidate. so much so that romney and his campaign staff many national republicans and fox news s" predicted the rates correctly said too many polls made too many assumption abouts the people they were attempting to poll. >> just going with what the data said instead of making assumptions is usually best practice when doing scientific survey. >> eliot: i'm joining with mark, senior editor of the "huffington post." thanks for joining us. >> thank you formation me un. >> eliot: polling is more than picking up the phone, calling 12 random people and adding up who said what? >> increasingly, when i started in this business 25 years ago you could do something like that. you could get a scientifically random sample, a few reasonable steps to make it rigorous and not have to do a whole lot of waiting or adjustment afterwards. now there have been a combination of things. lower response rates the whole cell phone problem basically two-thirds of us have two kinds of phones. another t
versus a mere 24% who say the same for governor romney. if the latino voters turn out tomorrow their impact in swing states colorado, florida would be a determtive. weighing in is linda sanchez democrat from cal an congresswoman, thank you as always for joining us. >> thank you for having me back. >> so it's hour pleasure to have have--it's our pleasure to have you on the show. you have latinos right in the middle of picking the next president. this is what you predicted look, latino voters are growing. our numbers are growing. the turnout is growing an one of the candidates, president obama, has been very effective as courting the latino vote. explain this. >> we've known for deck kay now that the fastest growing demographic was the latino population, but they're really poised with having an un unprecedented outcome. there are ten states, swing states that are in place this have large hispanic populations. but even in places that don't have a large hispanic population slight voting shifts will determine who carries those states. right now the bulk of hispanic voters are staunc
were derided as overgrown golf carts. even in the presidential debates, mitt romney listed green technology companies including tesla as loser investments. time and development are making these cars more practical. superchargers can fully power the model s in about an hour and six highway rest stops in california have solar-powered charging station. as for the model s itself, it goes about 285 miles on a full charge with a top speed of 125 miles per hour. that's faster than the speed limit. green energy isn't a novelty anymore and the end of gasoline may be on its way. all of that said, the porsche now to my point. (vo) jennifer granholm ... >>for every discouraged voter, there are ten angry ones taking action. trickle down does not work. in romney's world, cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy. >> eliot: one year ago president obama bargained with republicans, offering a so-called grand bargain that cuts spending $1
as an example, this is a romney stronghold. he won the state by 13 points. 55% of montanans voted for romney. 75% voted against citizens united saying that in fact, corporations are not people, my friend. so there were -- those -- so there are people who went to -- in montana, who went to the polls and voted for romney but against what he stood for and if they're going to do an autopsy if they're going to like figure out where they go forward they need to look at that stuff too because they don't know who their base is. >> they also need to look at what was listening in. we characterize some of the anti-immigration stances taken by a lot of people. self-deportation and so forth as anti-latino. it will cost the latino voters but there are others listening in. if you look at where the asian vote -- >> eliot: numbers were shocking. >> so they're going to -- they're going to be in a state of total collapse. >> eliot: every one of the demographic groups that is increasing in size is one they're alienating. white
an alternative budget. the idea that mitt romney should not be paying less taxes than the secretary who works for warren buffet or anyone else, the idea that the rich should pay their fair share. if we go back to the principle where a dollar is a dollar, because you are rich and you get it through capital gains you get some special tax break. if we go back to the sense that a dollar is a dollar, and they're all taxed equally that substantially goes to reduce the deficit. that tax break alone is over $100 billion a year. >> eliot: the notion of saying as you did that the capital gains income is the same thing as ordinary income, and it was in simpson-bowles, and beam want to ignore that, and a report came out saying that the premise of the entire republican tax policy lowering tax rates on capital increases investments is wrong. it seems to me if you argue that point to the public they'll understand what you're proposing is the right way to go on equity ground and economic development ground. >> let's stop stealing from the poor. they don't have any money left. >> eliot: i think that's what th
cain got a meeting. and as for mitt romney, he got a meal. the president treated mr. romney to a lunch of southwestern grilled chicken and, wait for it, white turkey chili. white turkey chili. who knew the white house had such a good sense of humor. gotta go everything, thanks, see you tomorrow. >> eliot: good evening. i'm eliot spitzer. this is "viewpoint." the white house confronted republican leaders today with a new vision of how the country should navigate what we at "viewpoint" prefer to call the fiscal slope or austerity bomb. the white house proposal wasn't well received. treasury secretary timothy geithner met with house speaker john boehner and laid out a detailed list from president obama that includes $1.6 trillion in tax increase over ten years. more stimulus spending to boost the economy including home mortgage refinancing and the permanent end to congressional control over the debt ceiling. in return, president obama is offering republicans $400 billion in entitlement cuts over ten years. stil
other day. >> eliot: if key didn't learn it in katrina, we are learning it now. the romney-ryan budget cuts fema 43%. that's simply outrageous. bad, horrendous public policy. >> and those who advocate that say it can be handled by the private sector. >> eliot: they don't flow what they're talking about. congresswoman carolyn maloney my congresswoman, many thanks for joining me tonight. >> great to see you. >> eliot: other local officials from the storms will join us, and new meaning to the republican line we built that. that's next. >> eliot: who built that was the question that framed the election for a month during the convention season. as the republican party tried to mock the sensible and correct argument made by president obama, the government had, in fact, built much of what made our economy tick. from many of the essential pieces of our infrastructure to thethe great public universities that produce ground-breaking technology and funding research and development all of this is what permits and helps our economy to forge ahead. and put aside for the moment that the speakers at t
michigan, every single one of them voted for mitt romney last week, by a safe margin. these are solid red states like indiana, west virginia, oklahoma louisiana, and far and away the heaviest of all mississippi. if the election were just held among the fattest least healthy places in america, mitt romney would be going into the white house, with a mandate. on the other hand, look at the states with obesity levels under 25%. out of 11 states all but three went for obama. does this mean voting republican is fattening? well probably not, but we can say one thing for sure. the states that voted for obama generally seem to know what's good for them. mix. >>now it's your turn at the only online forum with a direct line to eliot spitzer. >>join the debate now. >> eliot: without question the most talked about moment from president obama's press conference was his full throated defense of the u.n. ambassador susan rice who had been attacked from the right specific specifically senators john mccain and lindsay graham over comments about the benghazi attack. >> obama: for them to go after the u.n.
agree to raise revenue. you can cap deductions for individuals and mitt romney debate idea, eliminate specific loopholes or raise marginal rates. any indication which of those three they might support and if there are enough votes within their conference on the house side to vote for any of those ideas? >> hard to say. they're not saying very much specific as you just're certainly not saying much specific about what they want in return for increased revenues. what exact entitlement cuts they want. they may be saying something privately but they're not saying anything publicly. you know i think that obama obviously wants the marginal rates increased. he's really kind of drawing a line in the sand on that. a few republicans tom cole is the most notable one but a couple more today, i noticed came out and said they think their party should consider that. if we get a drip, drip, drip on that, a few a day a few a week, then maybe maybe there will be a chance by the end of december that enough republicans will go
that mitt romney might win the election and get some of these things done without them having to go public but now, as we just saw lloyd blankfein and others are going on a public campaign to convince americans we can't afford social safety net programs and they need a windfall and tax breaks. the spirit of giving is a little hard to find among some of them. >> eliot: bill, you have been critical of your former brethren on wall street. you've been rational. you have to admit they're not the best messengers for this right now. >> they're terrible messengers. i don't really understand lloyd blankfein his thought going on cbs news tv for so long then he does go on and they take two minute clip out of a 40-minute segment and basically string him up with it. it is unfortunate. i don't think they're the best messenger. they would admit they're not the best messenger for this. but on the other hand, eliot i think it is important to point out the business roundtable is more to the extreme right of these guys. they're trying to be c
phenomenally well and their effective tax rate, take mitt romney, is extremely low. he says this is a no-brainer. >> eliot: he said it's at 19.5% and that is simply, he said it's unfair and it has led to the maldirection of income and wasn't. he said do something about it. that's why he should be-- >> what is really grotesque, you may have seen on some of the network tv, people like lloyd blankfein the head of goldman sachs. you have wall treat millionaires who in many ways caused this recession and with all the suffering taking place they're going on television saying, you know we've got to cut social security medicare, and medicaid. that's totally obscene. >> eliot: you are correct senator. i want to switch gears. one of the reasons why it's been so hard, particularly in the senate to getting things accomplished is the filibuster. we have this brief open window to get filibuster reform. where are we? will you have the magic 51 votes and will reid be able to use get the 51 votes to get the reform. >> you're quite right people are angry. they're hurting and congress is not responding. on
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)

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